Eternity, where the look and feel of class and elegance is met with a reasonable price. The range has extended its colours from bright and bold to the more traditional to satisfy every client. The addition of a window to certain sizes (20x20cm, 20x27cm, 30x30cm, 30x40cm) of the range gives a prestigious look that a modern album of high quality presents. Embossing can be added to this product at a reasonable price.


There is literally no boundaries when it comes to designing within the Omnia range, the only obstacle is how creative one can be. From the portraits of the wedding couple to patterns and names with every colour conceivable.The spine and back of the album can be different in terms of material adding to the amount of combinations. Available in the widest range of sizes from 20x15, 30x40, 40x40 and 40x50.


Genuine Leather in three colours (black, brown and white) provide class and makes a statement in this timeless classic choice. The Absolute range has makes a bold statement as only the best leather is selected, cut and stitched to perfection. Available in the widest range of sizes from 20x15cm up to an incredible 50x40cm size.


This deep classical album has a vintage feel that will never age. Combining suede on the front cover and mock leather on the back, creates a blend that feels modern and luxurious. Size Available: 20x20cm, 20x27cm, 30x30cm and 30x40cm (square and landscape only)


This magnificent acrylic (glass cover) and leather combination cover is available with rounded or bevel edges. It can be ordered in both, genuine leather or new mock leather cover combinations. Available in the 40x30cm size .


A modern forward move into tomorrow. Keeping with trends and technology that will inspire and please. Rose Gold and Silver the colours of choice to leave you breathless as the new range builds on a reputation of long standing traditions and quality.


This classy cover is all about one thing “touch”. The smooth feel of suede and natural look give it a perfect mix of modern and vintage blends, to give an extremely high quality product.  Gesso paper let's the character of this range speaks volumes in terms quality and class. Unlike the "Lay Flat"  albums,  the Litho range album spine opens just like a magazine you would buy off the shelf.

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