Johannesburg and Cape Town Wedding Photographer


People often ask me what is the greatest reward of being a wedding photographer, and my answer is; to add value to your long-expected, intricately planned wedding.

Having a photographer with over 19 years of experience as part of your day, I have experienced and managed it all. No matter what surprises the day presents.

I am a professional photographer, and I strongly believe that art takes time.
I spare no effort to put the artwork, that is the capturing of your wedding day together.
Your special day is most often shaped by what I see in your wedding photographs.

Being a seasoned photographer and with an eye for detail, I plan on capturing all the special moments, atmospheres, environments and details that make up your wedding day. A very important aspect that is often neglected is the location and venue of the wedding, and this is what you spent tireless hours searching for.

As part of my portfolio, I also specialize in architectural photography and incorporate that into my wedding photography, making sure we optimize all the perspectives of the venue to create a holistic reflection of your wedding day.

Making use of the latest available technology and photographic equipment and post-processing tools combined with years of experience and a refined understanding of a couple’s needs, you can be assured of a pleasant professional experience when making use of my services.



March 23, Editorial



I am interested in the details about your wedding, your ceremony & reception venues, your vision, your dress, your colours and anything else you would like to share with me. I am a Gold Coast and Brisbane based wedding photographer available to shoot throughout Australia and worldwide. I would love to get to know you.