Lezar Opstal

Heidelberg Country Wedding Venue

Lezar Opstal

Lezar Opstal wedding venue is situated about 15km outside of Heidelberg country town. As wedding and architectural photographer the scenic drive through Heidelberg to Lezar Opstal is always the start of my working day,  as I draw inspiration from all the farms and nature that I drive by on my way to Lezar Opstal.

Nestled in the heart of the agricultural district outside Heidelberg, the scenery is always picturesque and as you turn onto the gravel road heading towards the venue. If you like rolling landscapes this is the place to get married.

Situated on a working farm, should you marry in the beginning or end of year the green grass makes for splendid wedding photography. From the start of my day at weddings at Lezar Opstal, every different stage of wedding photography can be captured in such a special way.

Some equstrian photography can also be incorporated as well, as the horses on the farm are always a big highlight guests.

The chapel has some very special finishes and I always appreciate the extra space in a chapel that allows me to get different angles of the bride, groom and wedding officiator.

Heleen and Willemien the owners of Lezar Opstal,  always ensures that the catering is of the highest standards in taste and presentation and therefor i always look forward to capturing the scrumptious cuisine.

When it comes to couple photography the landscape, buildings and settings just leaves any wedding photographer with the most amazing opportunities and the only limit will be your imagination.

There is so much to incorporate in your wedding photographs, from the majestic landscapes at sunset,  the horse stables & barns, to the gravel roads and wheat fields that surround Lezar Opstal.

When the couple photography draws to an end I always urge the couple to wait for the sunset, as it never disappoints at Lezar Opstal.

Reception photography with the big halls and rustic and elegant decor together with good lighting always makes it a pleasure for me to photograph a wedding at Lezar Opstal.

As part of my editing process I prefer making use of natural light and I am never disappointed with my results of weddings shot at this venue.



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Lezar Opstal