Synergy Wedding Films

Videography by Marco


Marco Mess formally from Huake Wedding Films has teamed up with me to start our own videographer company called Synergy Wedding Films, which will be associated with my wedding brand. It has become necessary as videography plays a large role in the wedding industry, and although I have always worked well with most of the videographer companies in South Africa, the time has come to start my own wedding film company.

It also makes it a lot easier for clients to deal with one professional brand and gives them the confidence that both parties have their interest at heart when photographing and filming their wedding together. Marco is also a qualified and licensed Drone pilot and we can add additional footage to your video depending on the weather conditions for the day.

As yet we have no video content to post, as we have only just started the collaboration at the beginning of November 2018.  If you want video as part of your wedding day package, let me know and we can send you our pricing information.