Wedding Albums

The Choice is Yours - Design fee Included

Wedding Albums are much more than just a collection of images to admire. They have emotional value tied to memory. It is a story of one of the most important days in your life, a day you will look back on and cherish for many years, if not family generations, to come.

A well-designed wedding album should truly reflect your personality and unique taste and style.

Thus, we have six different album types, each designed for you. We welcome your input. That’s why your unique design is online for review. You select your very favourite images from your wedding day, followed by the design and two rounds of changes, before finalising the design for print and free delivery anywhere in South Africa.

The Designer Range is your “Elite” of the wedding albums, with genuine leather covers in a choice of black, brown, ox-blood or white leather finish. You may ask for Mock Leather and Linen covers, which come in a variety of colours such as Camel, Aqua Blue, Grey, Silver, Wheat, Storm Grey and Pistachio Green.

Our mix of Matt and Gloss pages for a little extra glamour come in 180gsm paper.

From experience, the best album size is your Landscape 40 x 30. Understanding the size of the album is important. A 40 x 30 when closed measures 40cm in length and 30cm in height. When opened from end to end, its 80 cm wide. The same applies to the 30 x 30 when opened it's 60cm wide.

You can order the Designer Album range in alternate & smaller versions, such as the Square 40 x 40, 30 x 30 and landscape 50 x 40, 27 x 20 & 20 x 15.

All Designer Albums are lay-flat, meaning there is no centre gutter in the middle of the page

Portfolio, Legacy & Trinity are our MAGAZINE Style wedding albums. They have a centre gutter, and the paper choices are Magno Satin and textured Gesso Fine Art Papers. The cover choices are Leatherette, Linen and Sandlam hardcover.

All albums prices may change due to the Rand /Us Dollar Exchange rate.




Size 1 x 29 x 21 (A4) Album
50 Pages (100 Double Spreads)
135 gsm Magno Star Paper
Printed Hard Cover
Includes Printed Dust Cover




Size 1 x 25 x 25 Main Album
Size 2 x 15 x 15 Parent Albums
100 Pages (50 Double Spreads)
Gesso Fine Art Textured Paper
Full Linen Covers




Size 1 x 30 x 30 Main Album
Size 2 x 20 x 20 Parent Albums
50 Pages (25 Double Spreads)
Magno Satin Paper
Printed Front Cover
Back Cover Linen or Mock Leatherette





Size 1 x 40 x 30 Main Album
Lay-Flat Landscape Album
Printed Sandlam Cover Only
50 Pages (25 Double Spreads)
Matt Pages




Size 1 x 40 x 30 Main Album
Lay-Flat Landscape Album
50 Pages (25 Double Spreads)
A choice of Matt & Gloss Pages
Printed & Genuine Leather Cover




Size 1 x 40 x 30 Main Album
Size 2 x 20 x 15 Parent Albums
Lay-Flat Landscape Albums
50 pages (25 Double Spreads)
A choice of Matt & Gloss Pages
Genuine Leather Full Covers

R 10950
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