Katie & Scott


Step into the enchanting world of Katie and Scott’s wedding at Zambezi House, nestled against the breathtaking backdrop of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. This heartwarming family celebration was a true testament to love, bringing together close friends and family who journeyed abroad to share this unforgettable experience.

The festivities kicked off with a splash on Friday night, as Katie & Scott and their guests embarked on a magical river cruise along the Zambezi River. Laughter and bonding flowed with the tranquil waters, creating cherished memories before the big day.

Worth mentioning is that both Katie and Scott chose to prepare for their special day at the elegant Pamarah Lodge in Victoria Falls, adding an extra touch of elegance to their wedding journey.

As Saturday dawned, excitement filled the air as the African-themed wedding festivities unfolded. Set against the stunning Zambezi River and the vibrant landscapes of Victoria Falls, Katie and Scott exchanged their vows in a scene that was nothing short of extraordinary. The fusion of vibrant colours, traditional elements, and breathtaking natural beauty truly made this day stand out.

From heartfelt speeches to dancing on the lively floor, every moment was infused with happiness and an unmistakable sense of togetherness.

Katie and Scott’s wedding at Zambezi House went beyond being an event; it was a journey of love, culture, and shared experiences. The fusion of the serene Zambezi River and the vibrant African-themed celebrations have left an indelible mark on their hearts and the hearts of everyone who had the privilege to be a part of this remarkable occasion.

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